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What Type of Staffing Service Your Firm Needs


Every healthcare staffing agency in Pennsylvania is committed to providing health workers to various settings, from the hospital to private homes. The staff you want to hire might stay temporarily or work as long as the service is needed. There are three types of healthcare staffing services you can find, depending on your employment requirements.

  • Temporary Staffing
    Temporary employment refers to the short-term needs of healthcare staff. For instance, a health care agency might want to fill a vacancy while waiting for a regular employee or someone who is on leave. The longevity of the employment will be based on the agreed contract. One of the reasons why many agencies use temporary staffing is because of the lower expenses needed.
  • Long-Term Staffing
    Long-term employment pertains to the jobs that don’t have a specific period when the work ends. It could also be based on a project-to-project agreement. It means your firm will be receiving the service of a care provider for a longer duration than a temporary staff offers.
  • Temp-to-Perm Staffing
    Temporary-to-permanent staffing is the most common service in any industry. For example, if you hire a caregiver for your home care agency in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, you might want the person to start temporarily for evaluation purposes before signing a contract for permanent employment.

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