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Tips to Protect Seniors From Falls


Because of aging, some seniors might slowly experience difficulty with accomplishing daily tasks and activities at home. They might also have trouble moving around their house. Seniors with difficulty with mobility are more at risk of falls. That is why it’s crucial for seniors who live alone to have a companion or a caregiver who can help ensure their safety at all times.

If you’re a primary, respite, or any caregiver, here are some tips you can follow to help prevent seniors from falling inside their own home:

  • Clean up clutter. Aside from being annoying and untidy to see, clutters are also fall hazards. Clutters might get in the way of seniors, which causes them to trip and fall.
  • Use good lighting. A bright and well-lit room is very helpful in preventing falls. Seniors can maneuver their way in and out of the room more easily because they can see more clearly.
  • Remove sharp objects and other tripping hazards. Check their home for hazardous objects that might cause falls, such as newspapers on the floor, coffee tables in walkways, loose rugs, spilled liquids, and more.
  • Keep the bathroom safe. Make sure your seniors’ bathroom is safe for access. You can use anti-slip mats and install grab bars to help ensure your seniors’ safety while moving in and out of the bathroom.

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