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Effective Methods for Boosting a Senior’s Immune System


As one becomes more vulnerable to acquiring diseases primarily because of age, there is a need to invest more in healthy practices for overall immune system enhancement. There are several ways healthcare professionals can boost a senior’s immunity.

A balanced and healthy diet accompanied by proper hydration and routine physical activity is the usual recommendation for becoming resilient against infections and diseases. A home care agency in Pennsylvania should encourage their elderly clients to consume more lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and fluids. In addition, sweetened beverages and processed foods are to be avoided.

Promoting proper hygiene is likewise observed by home healthcare professionals. Frequent handwashing, regular baths, and good oral care are some of the proven and tested methods to prevent the spread of infections. Other lifestyle factors that need monitoring are vices that involve drinking alcohol and smoking.

A staffing agency in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, also highly recommends regular health checkups for the prevention and management of chronic conditions. The screenings and laboratory tests detect any underlying health issues that can worsen if left unchecked and untreated. Managing chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension also requires strict adherence to medication schedules and dosages. Skipping a dose is likely to bring detrimental consequences.

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