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Quality Care and Staffing Services Combined


There are many instances in every healthcare agency where they have a shortage of qualified staff, which remains one of our industry’s growing problems. Here at Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc., aside from being known as a reliable home care agency in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, we extend our services by providing reliable staffing services.

We have years of experience in this field, and this made it possible for us to have access to a vast network of healthcare professionals with qualifications that will help your company grow. Having access to well-trained, licensed staff who are passionate about their duties and responsibilities is always a win for the agency and the clients. Our staffing agency in Pennsylvania remains open to help out healthcare agencies who need reliable talents in the market. We would want business owners with this nature of the business to grow as much as possible because of our objective to provide quality care to patients who need it most.

Share the mission we continue to live by in our health care agency. We believe that as long as there are people that need quality care, we will always be here, willing and ready to provide them with their care needs. Know that our lines are always open.

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