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Preventing Home Accidents for the Elderly


Home risks are real. While our homes are what we consider the most comfortable place in the world, this should not mean we can lower our guard. Home safety must be kept a priority, especially if we have a senior or differently-abled loved one living with us.

  • Environmental Factors
    Items and the condition of the space can increase the risk of accidents. Items lying on the floor can cause anyone to trip. Wet and slippery surfaces increase the risk of slipping. Places that require climbing or have steps such as stairs and the house porch can be risky as well.
  • Poor Balance and Walking Difficulty
    Your senior loved one may be having problems with their balance and walking. This instability further puts them in a risky situation as they may not be able to quickly avoid accidents.
  • Impaired Vision
    Our eyes play a huge role in navigation – even at home. When we cannot see clearly, we run into something, hit our head, or trip on steps. Seniors may be experiencing vision loss – thus, the home must have adequate lighting in all spaces.

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