Working with Alzheimer’s

A lot of Alzheimer’s patients feel disconnected from their family members. In cases of severe dementia, they may not even remember their loved one’s names. They could also be at risk of wandering and getting lost. Some patients have difficulty sustaining their balance and may fall down in the bathroom, injure themselves and complicate their health.

We know how difficult it is to deal with a parent or senior loved one who has Alzheimer’s. It requires patience and understanding while consistent care is provided. Such task may be easy to layout but it can be very difficult to implement.

In providing Alzheimer’s Care, Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc. we assign qualified and compassionate caregivers who are prepared to address the different non-medical care needs of the client:

  • Instruction in the Use of Home Medical Equipment
  • Personal Care and Hygiene Assistance
  • Health Assessment of the Person with Dementia
  • Support from Medical Social Workers
  • Self-Care Skills Training
  • Recreational Engagement and Social Interaction
  • Day and Night Care Services
  • Clinical Support Services
  • Palliative Care or Hospice Program (if needed)
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Coping with Behavioral Changes
  • Community Support Resources
  • Developing a Plan of Care

As extended services, we provide temporary Respite Care and Caregiver Support for family members. Conquering the challenges of Alzheimer’s is a group effort. You can count on our team to be there for your patients in their time of need.