imageTo Operate At All Times With Integrity – Four Steps to Success:

  1. Quality care is our number one priority.  Advance scheduling allows us to provide qualified, excellent, timely, and continuous staff members who care to our clients.
  2. Efficiency, proficiency and personality are determinants for recruitment as well as education, training, and experience.  As a result, PCSS provides the most qualified professionals available.
  3. Total Quality Management (TQM) is our continuous goal.  We strive to accomplish TQM on every level, by cultivating partnerships with our clients as a means to provide an open platform for feedback, comments and suggestions on how we may continuously meet their current and future staffing needs.  We realize it is a privilege to assist you in staffing your facility and strive to solidify your confidence and trust.
  4. PCSS shares your commitment in providing quality healthcare to those who need it.