Personal Care

We have a genuine commitment to helping a patient recover or manage health in his or her very own home. The goal of Personal Care is for the client/patient to remain in the comforts of the residence instead of being compelled to admission in a nursing home against their will. Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc. will assist clients as needed with mobility and personal care to help them maintain as active a lifestyle as possible.

There are so many advantages in Personal Home Care. These include but are not limited to services such as:

Mobility Assistance
Our personal care attendants will help the client with getting up from bed, getting up from sitting down and generally moving around the home. Mobility assistance also includes safety supervision and fall prevention.
Companion Care
It is truly a joy to have another human being to keep you company through the day! The days can seem less lonely and the patient will even have someone to talk during meals. Our companions will brighten up their days at home thus helping prevent isolation and depression. Companions may also be assigned to keep the patient company during hospitalization.
New Born Care
Parents of New Born infants can relate to the lack of sleep and the seemingly endless tasks of changing diapers, sterilizing baby bottles and washing baby clothes. Our home care professionals will be there to assist them with these tasks so they can get their much needed rest. Well-rested parents can provide better care to their new born child. Our goal is to keep both the parents and their baby healthy!
Mother Helpers
We know how moms can also feel overwhelmed with so many tasks at hand. Moms have kids to take care of and errands to run on top of caring for an ailing parent. We hope that our Home Care solutions will give moms relief. Our staff will be happy to assist them with their many tasks at hand. Taking away a few items off their list and delegating them to our home care team means they will have time to rest and regain their strength. It is important that mothers keep themselves healthy. Being a mom can become fulfilling and enjoyable work when the right people are there to assist with myriad tasks.
Live-In Care
At times, a patient’s health care needs require constant supervision. With that, we provide Live-In Care arrangements wherein the nursing aide or home health aide will be assigned to take charge of personal care tasks 24/7.
Live-Out Care
If the patient only needs intermittent care or scheduled visits from our home care staff, Live-Out Care is a much more appropriate option. We assign a care professional to conduct intermittent visits in the patient’s home and provide daily living assistance. Live-Out Care staff can also be assigned with basic nursing functions depending on the care plan that is prescribed to by the physician.