Find Care For A Loved One

A lot of families and home care agencies are looking for capable and well-trained professionals. You can find the staff you are looking for at Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc. How do we help you find care for a loved one?

  • 1.) Once your care request is received at Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc. we assign a nurse or a care coordinator to conduct an overall assessment of the patient’s needs.
  • 2.) The nurse or care coordinator will visit the client at home and will then evaluate his or her mobility, health conditions, living environment and other factors related to the design of a care plan.
  • 3.) Our staff will coordinate with the client’s attending physician in designing the care plan.
  • 4.) Once the care plan is endorsed by the physician, we then look for a caregiver who has the skill set and experience that makes him or her capable of administering the care plan.
  • 5.) We coordinate with the patient and the family members prior to the first visit.
  • 6.) Once a caregiver match is confirmed, we deploy the homecare professional from Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc.

This time-tested process of finding care has been used by Premier Care and Staffing Services, Inc. to successfully match a professional from our pool of candidates with a client’s loved one, spouse, parent or sibling. Our goal is to help families find suitable home care for those who are closest to their heart.